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Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
2001 METBD Graduates and Faculty
Mechanical Engineering Technology

Class 2001
We are proud of our Baccalaureate Graduates! They are hard working men and women who are all hoping to better prepare themselves for a career in the more practical and applied aspects of engineering. Most of our Seniors are scheduled to take the8 hour- EIT (National Engineering in Training Fundamentals Exam) this April. Toward their career preparation, part-time and/or full time summer employment in engineering related work provides very important experiences. See   Senior Project with Industry.

Graduates: for any updates, please email please email Mr.Lobaugh at or Mr. Johnson
Date of last contact Employment
Kyle Anderson 12/2008 FMC Technologies in Erie, PA
Ian Angelo  
 Design Engineer at Kyowa America in Waynesburg, PA
Mike Balco  
 Design Engineer at DBT America, Cannonsburg, PA
Chris Billig Cooper, Buffalo, NY
George Boy 07-30-2008 Sales Engineer, SMS-Meer Service Inc, Cranberry, PA
Craig Bupp 06-20-2006 Contract Product Engineer, GE in Erie
Calvin Clayton
Robert Davis Design Engineer   with Caterpillar, Aurora, IL
Ray DeMatt
Jason Dozor Engineer at Sechan Electronics Inc.  Lititz, Lancaster, PA
Paul Draper  Design Engineer at Rouch, MI
Mike Ensley accepted a position at SDI @ Caterpillar
Jon Eiler  
accepted an engineering position at Calgon Carbon Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA
Chris Feath    
Phil Fromknecht SNAPTITE, Meadville, PA
Bill Galloway 09-2008 GE Transportation, Erie, PA
Ryan Gift Electromechanical Engineers Associates
John Groll Field Engineer, General Electric Power Systems, Atlantic GA
Steve Grosick   Design Engineer  at Rouch, MI
Jim Hagg 10-2007 Design Engineer  with Exon Corp, Texas
Tim Haschalk 01-2008 GETS, Erie, PA
Robert Hetherington    
Kristin (Kitchener) Kramer  Bechtel Corp, WA
Ray Knechtel  Sandia National Laboratory,Weapons Systems Division, NM
Todd Kudas Field Engineer, General Electric, Albany, NY 
Terry Lampman Design Engineer  with Raytheon in Massachusetts
Jeff Lantz 07-23-2008 Mechanical Engineer at FMC Technologies, Erie, PA
Sean Lyons   Junior Process Engineer, Aarvard Custom Mfg Inc, Salisbury, MD
Keith Massing 07-06-2006 GE Transportation, Grove City, PA
Diesel Engine Component Engineer
Passed PE exam in 2006 !!
Tony Manjerovic 
John Maloney    
Neil Moravek Spalding Energy Project Bechtel Power Corporation
Hung Nguyen    
Rick Oesterling
Scott Ochs   American Locker, Jamestown, NY
Clinton Perry
Ryan Philips   Design Engineer  with HONDA R&D AMericas, Inc, Columbus, OH
Tim Robinson
Chris Shannon Design Engineer  at Delphi Autotomotive Systems, Packard Electric
Adam Smith 11-01-2004 Design Engineer  at Sandia National Laboratory,Weapons Systems Division, NM
Terry Smith  Caterpillar, Clayton, NC
J. Andrew Stark   Roll Form Engineer,
Dietrich Industries, Chicago, Ill
John Tingley 07-28-2008 Mechanical Engineer at FMC Technologies, Erie, PA
Doug Uzarski Design Engineer  at GE, Transportation, Grove City
Greg Yonker
Steve Ziolkowki Sales Engineer, Struthers Industry, Jamestown, NY