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Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
2001-2002 METBD Graduates and Faculty
Mechanical Engineering Technology
 (December grads shown above...see also May grads)

Grads of May 2002
We are proud of our Baccalaureate Seniors! They are hard working men and women who are all hoping to better prepare themselves for a career in the more practical and applied aspects of engineering. Most of our seniors take the 8 hour- EIT/FE (Engineer-in-Training /  Fundamentals of Engineering Exam) each year in April. To improve their career preparation, their history of part-time and/or full time summer employment in engineering related work provides very important experiences.  In addition, many seniors have accomplished a special project with local industry as described in Senior Capstone Projects or Industrial Internships

Graduates: for any updates, please email please email Mr.Lobaugh at or Mr. Johnson

Employment Last Contact
Chris Billig Cooper, Buffalo, NY 12/2001
Mark Bly Engineer with EXXON Corp, Houston TX 09/2002
Scott Brady Drilling Engineer, Williams Exploration and Development Company 09/2008
John Brewer Design Engineer, Hillard Corporation, Elmira, NY 12/2001
Bob Buckner   12/2001
Mark Burykin Engineer at Lord Corp, Erie, PA 12/2001
Mike Chase Engineer at GE Chicago 12/2001
Jeff Clark   10/2002
Tom Crawford   12/2001
Charles Dann Engineer at AMERICABS Inc 12/2001
Tim Fehrer   12/2001
Bob Foster Engineer at Rehig Pacific, Erie, PA 12/2001
Nahshon Harrell Engineer at HONDA Corp, Columbus, OHIO 08/2005
Brian Jarrett   12/2001
John Maloney Bechtel Corp, Aberdeen MD 12/2001
Keith Massing Engineer at GE Transportation, Grove City, PA 07/2006
Doug Sybert Test Engineer at Borg-Warner, Ithica, NY 02/2003
Dave Ward Engineer at GETS, Erie, PA 11/2007
Joe Yurisic   12/2001
Nick Adams Designer, Kuhn Tool and Die, Meadville, PA 05/2002
Chuck Aikins  Programmer at National Carbide Die, McKeesport, PA 05/2002
Troy Amsler   05/2002
Mike Anderson GE, Grove City, PA 09/2002
Andrey Burykin  Engineering  at Lord Corp, Erie 05/2002
Brian Croop  Data Point Labs, Ithica, NY 8/20/03
Doug Davidowski Principal Hydraulic Systems Engineer, JCB, Savannah GA 02/2013
Nathan Glenn Engineer at Sandia Laboratory, Weapons Division, New Mexico 01/2003
Mike Gregory Engineer at Rubbermaid,Wooster, OH 05/2002
Bernard Hobi MEDRAD, Indianola, PA 09/2002
Lindsey Hoffman   08/2002
Dave Keller Engineer at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (civilian) OH 03/2004
Chris Kennedy   Seco Warwick, Meadville, PA 05/2002
Adam Kimberlin   05/2002
Ed Kline III Design  Engineer for Automated Machines, Innotec Group, Holland, MI 10/2004
Ben Kundman Outside Sales for Fastenal, Erie, PA 01/2003
Seth Miller Lines Engineering Designer, Allegheny Power, State College, PA 02/2007
Tom Natale Technology Manager - Mining
Schenck Process Mining NA
Stock Equipment Co, Chagrin Falls, OH
Steve Neiger   05/2002
Mark ODonnell Engineer at AEP Columbus, OHIO 09/2002
Steve Omecinski Senior Engineer at II-VI Inc.
Heather Orengia Product Engineer at Long Industries, DANA Corp, Sheffield, PA 05/2002
Matthew Palamara Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, West Palm Beach, Florida
Passed the PE exam in 2008 !!
Carl Schodde Engineer at HV-Tech Machine Inc, Cranberrry, PA 05/2002
Giuseppe Sciulli Management training at Deitric, Hammond,Indiana 08/2003
Matt Stirland GAF Materials Corporation, Erie, PA 08/2003
Adam Wagner Carleton Technologies, Orchard Park, NY 12/2007
Greg Zimmerman FEA and Dynamics Engineer at SKF Bearings, Philadelphia, PA 08/2005