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2004 METBD Graduates and Faculty
Mechanical Engineering Technology
We are proud of our Baccalaureate Seniors! They are hard working men and women who are all hoping to better prepare themselves for a career in the more practical and applied aspects of engineering. Most of our juniors & seniors take the 8 hour- EIT/FE (Engineer-in-Training /  Fundamentals of Engineering Exam) each year in April. To improve their career preparation, their history of part-time and/or full time summer employment in engineering related work provides  very important experiences.  In addition, many seniors have accomplished a special project with local industry as described in Senior Capstone Projects or Industrial Internships

Graduates: for any updates, please email please email Mr.Lobaugh at or Mr. Johnson

Dec 2003 Grads& Faculty

May 2004 Grads & Faculty

Senior's Name Date of last contact Position
Michael Artello
Joseph Bianco  
Design Engineer for Chicago Bridge and Iron
Eric Boyd  
Elliot Company
Tim Cavanagh  

Brad Emsurak  
Mechanical Engineering position in R&D, Chick Workholding Solutions in Allison Park, PA.
 Anthony Fanelli  FA2011
Design Engineer, Dresser-Rand Corp, Olean, NY.
Chris Fiorina  
Northrop Grumman Field Engineer
Aaron Foley  
Design Engineer for Automated Cells and Equipment, Painted Post, NY
Brian Forsman  
Design Engineer, Lord Corporation, at a Boeing Engineering site in Seattle, Washington
Jamison Gray  
Quality Engineering Manager, Keystone Powdered Metals Co., Lewis Run (Bradford), PA
Diane Harby  
Design Engineer for Cummins Engine, Jamestown, NY
Wayne Hohmann  
Renick Bros, Mechanica Contractors
Ryan Honhart  5/2006
Application Engineer, Mechanical Engineering Systmes Assocaites (MEA), Crafton, PA
Kassie Johnson  
Associate Scientist, Bechtel Bettis Westinghouse, West Mifflin, PA
Jesse Kilmer  
Steven Kotvas  
Design Engineer at Northrop Grumman
Christine Logan  
Project Manager
SGM Engineering Inc.
Orlando, FL
Axel Lundstrom  
Packaging Engineer 
The Dannon Company Inc.
Minster, OH
Arthur (Geno)Luther III  
Design Engineer at Ameridrives, Erie, PA
Scott McMaster  
Design Engineer, with Caterpillar, INC
Jeremy Macurdy  
James McWilliams  
Randy Morris Jr.   
Brian Neely  
Design Engineer, Grove Crane, Pennsylvania
Nicholas Newell  
Design Engineer  at U.S.Airways.
Garrett Pennington  
Graham Packaging Co, York, PA
Ian Phelps  8/8/07 Lead Field Engineer at Northrop Grumman
George Popelas  

Romaine Rea  
Design Engineer at GE Transportation, Erie
Kevin Saeler  

Kathleen (Scarpino) Yacobozzi  1/29/07
GE-Rail, Erie, PA
Jesse Shrock  
Mfg Systems Engineering Graduate DegreeStudies at PSU-Erie.
John Shearer  
graduate school in Plastics Engineering at Univ of Mass at Lowell Campus.
Bruce Tomczak  
Design Engineer at GE Trans, Erie
Robert Zembrzuski  
Design Engineer at Dresser-Rand Corp, Painted Post, NY