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2005-06 METBD Graduates and Faculty
Mechanical Engineering Technology
We are proud of our Baccalaureate Seniors! They are hard working men and women who are all hoping to better prepare themselves for a career in the more practical and applied aspects of engineering. Most of our juniors& seniors are scheduled to take the8 hour- EIT (National Engineering in Training Fundamentals Exam) this April. Toward their career preparation, their history of part-time and/or full time summer employment in engineering related work provides  very important experiences.  In addition, many seniors have accomplished a special project with local industry as described in Internship with Industry.  Other Seniors have elected to work with local industry

Graduates: for any updates, please email please email Mr.Lobaugh at or Mr. Johnson

Photo taken at the Richard J. Fasenmyer Engineering Design Conference, April 29, 2006

Senior's name


Last contact date
Joshua Borden Jr. Engineer and Analyst with AEA Technology Engineering Services, Pittsburgh, PA   
Frederick Busse Engineering designer at Railpower Corp, Erie, PA  
Colin Davis Systems Engineer at Altec Industries, Inc., Indiana 07/2010
James Drake Design Engineer for Rubbermaid Corp.   
Cody Earhart
Stephen Giddings Field Service Engineer at Westinghouse, New Stanton, PA 06/2010
Brandon Good Major Reactor Component Design and Analysis
Westinghouse Electric Company LLC - Energy Center
Curtis Guntrum Attending the State Police Academy. Graduated Dec 2005.  
Aaron Hanstine Engineer at INCONC, Philadelphia, PA  
Jeffrey Heintz Jr. Engineer and Analyst with AEA Technology Engineering Services, Pittsburgh, PA  10/2007
Alan Hopperstead McCormick Taylor Inc, Harrisburg, PA
Graduated in Dec 2007
Michael Jarzomski Accepted Engineering Internship with LORD in the MR Technology group in North Carolina
Graduated in Dec 2006
Matthew Kirkpatrick    
Thomas Kuhn Seeking full-time position in field of mechanical engineering. Temporary engineering position with Verizon Co. Pittsburgh, PA  
Nathan Lang   7/19/06
David Lindenberger    
Ryan McCarthy Design Engineer for Herr-Voss Sheet Metal Corp, Callery, PA 04/2010
Darrell Pearson Manufacturing Engineer at GE-Transportation, Erie, PA 08/2011
Bradley Reiter Automation Engineer with Keystone Powdered Metal Corp, St Mary's, PA  
Patric Rymers    
Shaun Scheerbaum 7/19/06
Bradley Smith Field Service Engineer and Representative for Northwestern REC Co-0p, Campbridge Springs, PA  
Lee Terrill  
Industrial Engineer for Consul Energy
Daniel Utz    
Bradley Wernicki Associate Technical Professional (ATP) at Halliburton Energy Services (HES) 7/21/06
Donald Wetsell Quality Engineer at Alliance Plastics 6/21/06
Adam Wielobob Program Manager at General Aluminum, Conneaut Ohio
Spring 2014 - passed the PE exam !
Justin Wildfire Engineer at AJAX Technologies, Euclid , OH.
Graduated Dec 2005.
Christopher Wyant Plastic Services Network, Erie, PA and
Adjunct Faculty for Behrend MET Program
Jason Zimmerman
Design Engineer at JOY Mfg.