Penn State Erie, The Behrend College 
2006-07 METBD Graduates and Faculty
Mechanical Engineering Technology
We are proud of our Baccalaureate Seniors! They are hard working men and women who are all hoping to better prepare themselves for a career in the more practical and applied aspects of engineering. Most of our juniors & seniors take the 8 hour- EIT/FE (Engineer-in-Training /  Fundamentals of Engineering Exam) each year in April. To improve their career preparation, their history of part-time and/or full time summer employment in engineering related work provides  very important experiences.  In addition, many seniors have accomplished a special project with local industry as described in Senior Capstone Projects or Industrial Internships

Graduates: for any updates, please email please email Mr.Lobaugh at or Mr. Johnson

Photo taken at the Richard J. Fasenmyer Engineering Design Conference, May 5, 2007

Senior's name Last contact date Position
December 2006 Graduates    
Bennett Robert M.    
Fay Daniel J.  2/6/08 Plant Engineer @ Corry Forge Co., Corry, PA
Hoovler Kenneth T. 1/2012  Maxpro Technologies, Inc.,Fairview, PA
passed PE exam in October 2011 !
Jarzomski Michael S.    
May 2007 Graduates    
Alleman Ryan S.   Armstrong World Ind., Lancaster, PA
Anderson Jason C.  6/6/07 Ellwood National Crankshaft, Irvine, PA
Bayhurst Patrick J.    
Benkert Jason M.  08/2010 Technical Support Engineer, Drive Technologies at Siemens Industry, Inc., Houston, TX
Bico Edis  6/17/10 Mechanical Engineer, SMS Siemag, Pittsburgh, PA
Blankenberg Tad A.  11/2009 Nascar Technical Institute (student)
Cehelsky Kevin P. 9/4/08 Fluor Corporation
Cherry Mark T.    
Daniels Andrew   Erie Bronze
Falk Joseph D.   QTG (Quaker-Tropicana-Gatorade), Mountaintop, PA
Gaglione Jr. Charles M.    
Hammer Richard C.   Erie Shipbuilding, LLC
Kimmel Scott T.   applying to Law Schools
King Branden N.  7/18/07 ASTM, Washington D.C.
Kordecki Anthony 7/23/07 Project Engineer,  KF Molded Products, Inc., Rochester, PA
Krug Andrew J.  11/5/08 Design Engineer, Hilmot Corp.Waukesha, WI
Krugger Gary M.    Project Engineer, Erie Management Group
Lopez Ivan D. 11/2009  Dresser-Rand, Olean, NY
Macha Kristin L. 10/2007  McLanahan Corp., Hollidaysburg, PA
Main Jordan M.    
Massa Mark J.   Ellwood National Forge, Irvine, PA
Minman Brad A.  6/4/07 NuVision Engineering, PGH, PA
Pietsch Michael F.    
Reilly Thomas M.   applying to graduate schools for Jan. 2008
Ross David M. 9/29/08
Field Engineer, Universal Well
Punxsutawney Camp
Schreck Christopher K.  04/2010 Samtec Tool Division, Erie, PA
Semchee Jonathan R.  7/17/07 Test Engineer, GETS, Erie, PA
Steger Lucas M.  4/30/08 Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.  Assistant Test Director
Wiley Michael A.   ExxonMobile, Houston, TX