Penn State Erie, The Behrend College 
2016-17 Graduates and Faculty
Mechanical Engineering Technology
We are proud of our Associate Degree and Baccalaureate Degree graduates! They are hard working men and women who are all hoping to better prepare themselves for a career in the more practical and applied aspects of engineering. Most of our juniors & seniors take the 8 hour- EIT/FE (Engineer-in-Training / Fundamentals of Engineering Exam) each year in April. To improve their career preparation, their history of part-time and/or full time summer employment in engineering related work provides very important experiences. In addition, many seniors have accomplished a special project with local industry as described in Senior Capstone Projects or Industrial Internships

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SP-2017 Photo taken at the Richard J. Fasenmyer Engineering Design Conference, April 29, 2017

Student's name Position Last contact date
Fall 2016 BS Degree Graduates    
Didiano, Dominique
Kieffer, Sean
Lafuria, Michelle Manufacturing Engineer, Matco Tools, Lakewood, NY
Lindstrom, Marcus Tool Engineer, Anderson Precision
Minich, Mitchell
Morgan, Dane Product Manufacturing Engineer for Honeywell's aerospace division, Southbend, Indiana
Nero, Nathan
Vandruff, Jonathon
Fall 2016 AS Degree Graduates    
Chylinski, Annmarie Lincoln Electric, OH  
Groves, Robert    
Lawrence, Maggie    
Tarr, Lucas PHB Die Casting, Fairview, PA  


Student's name Position Last contact date
Spring 2017 BS Degree Graduates    
Boarts, Bryan    
Colley, Brooke Engineering Manager, MATCO Tools, Lakewood, NY  
Currier, Philip    
Dranko, Brad    
Edwards, William    
Getic, Casey    
Gibbs, Aaron    
Gigliotti, Luke    
Golias, Jacob    
Green, Sarah    
Lowery, Brian    
Pisciottano, Michael    
Rea, Wesley    
Rothen, Justin    
Shoop, Joseph    
Sommers, Justin    
Subba, Bikash    
Sweeney, Ian    
Trozzi, Frank    
Spring 2017 AS Degree Graduates    
Bandur, Adam    
Baysen, Dmitriy    
Corey, Amanda    
Dewey, Devin    
Edwards, Sean    
Wickham, Elyn    


Student's name Position Last contact date
Summer 2017 BS Degree Graduates    
Summer 2017 AS Degree Graduates